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Sue-Lin Wong - The Economist - China

September 26, 2021

The journalist’s holy trinity: the right time, the right place, the right beat. You’re lucky if you find it once in your career. Sue-Lin Wong (@suelinwong) tells how she thinks she hit it in the Hong Kong protests in 2019. Now working as a China correspondent for The Economist based in Hong Kong, she also has the unusual distinction of having been based in Shenzhen for years.

Countries featured: China, North Korea, Australia

Publications featured: Reuters, Financial Times, Economist

Sue-Lin discusses taking a gap year to teach English at a sketchy school in China (6:04), taking three years off from university to live in China and the US (10:11), joining Reuters with Jake as a trainee (21:20), becoming a Reuters correspondent in Shenzhen in southern China and quickly joining the FT (34:55), covering the Hong Kong protests (41:38), joining The Economist (46:50), a story that got away about an alleged rape (54:37), following a Chinese student protest and the dystopian crackdown on it (1:00:09), and finally the lightning round (1:14:30).


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