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Atish Patel - New Delhi - AFP

September 6, 2020

What do you do when there's a pandemic on, but you are a video journalist with no choice but to go out to capture the images you need? Atish Patel (@atishpatel, Insta: atishp) a videographer for Agence France-Presse discusses the calculations he makes when deciding whether to go out. He also talks about how being fired helped him to change his perspective and have more fun with his job.

Countries featured: India, UK, Russia, Rwanda

Publications featured: RT, Reuters, AFP, AP, Wall Street Journal

Atish discusses going into a hospital ICU to report on coronavirus (3:20), growing up in the UK and finding his way into a journalism post-grad program (10:08), moving to Russia to work in the very controlling environment of Kremlin mouthpiece RT (15:50), moving to India to work for Reuters with grand ambitions and getting fired (19:58), making it work in India as a freelancer (25:02), a trip to report on children of rape in Rwanda that didn't quite come together (31:55), his current work in India for AFP (39:48), covering naked holy men during the massive Kumbh Mela Hindu religious festival (42:24), his family's background in Africa and India (47:19) and the lightning round (50:52)


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