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Mitch Moxley - Magazines - NYC/China

October 10, 2021

Going viral. North Korea. Anthony Bourdain. Beijing Olympics. Long-form magazine journalism. Narrative non-fiction. Stage plays. Executive editor at Maxim. Mitch Moxley has done a lot of stuff. As a magazine editor and freelance writer, previously in China and now in New York City, Mitch tells us about his careers highs and disappointments, as well as the brutal realities of being a freelancer.

Countries featured: Canada, China, North Korea, USA

Publications featured: GQ, China Daily, Truly Adventurous, The Atlantic, Maxim, Penta


Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

Penta magazine -

Mitch's story on Agent Orange survivors -

His Rent a White Guy story for The Atlantic -

His book Apologies to My Censors -

His story Rat Hunters of New York -

His story about Anthony Bourdain for Maxim -

His play inspired by Bourdain -

His story on the North Korean film festival for GQ -

Jennifer Senior's piece on a family grieving a 9/11 victim -

His story about kidnapping survival schools -

The movie The Paper on IMDb -


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