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Morgan Childs - Czech Republic - Foreign Insiders podcast

March 14, 2021

Prague, come for the theater, stay for the podcasting. Morgan Childs, co-host and producer of the Foreign Insiders podcast, tells us about getting her start reporting stories on food and “weird” Eastern Europe. She has now found a new professional life as an audio journalist, launching her podcast series on migration in the Czech Republic.

Countries featured: USA, Poland, Ukraine, Liberland, Czech Republic

Publications featured: Saveur, BBC, GQ, Lucky Peach, Vice

Morgan discusses how her theater studies took her to the Czech Republic for the first time (7:17), getting started as a freelancer by telling "weird Czech stories" (13:10), burning out on freelance writing and turning to podcasting (25:10), a story that got away about a made up pan-Slavic language (30:20), her GQ story about a made up country and its unsavory founders (33:29), her podcast Foreign Insiders (44:48) and the lightning round (53:05).


Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

Foreign Insiders podcast -

Morgan’s story about snail farming -

Her Saveur story on Polish milk bars -

Her story about a Ukranian violinist -

Her Vice story about a town made of marzipan -

Her Vice story on stinky cheese -

Her GQ story about a made up country -

Radio Prague -

Monocle 24 podcast -

Washington Post podcast Canary -

On Being with Krista Tippett podcast -

David Kestenbaum on This American Life -


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